Is Lockdown Triggering Fights with Your Partner? Try these special ways to improve your relationship !

You’re locked up in the house and the lockdown has triggered some fights between you and your partner? Don’t worry, we have you covered! No matter how strong the relationship is, staying together for a long time, along with love, also leads to increased fighting. This happens because every person’s thinking or attitude is different.
Lockdown continues across the country due to Corona outbreak. In this situation, all of us are locked in our homes. Staying locked in the same room for a long time can cause problems for anyone. Especially for a couple, it can be very challenging because no matter how strong the relationship is, staying together for a long time leads to increased love as well as fighting.
This happens because every person’s thinking or attitude is different and in such a situation, when people of two different thought processes are locked in the small place for a long time, then there are greater chances of arguments among them. The reason why this happens more in couples is that they both have equal meaning with each other, which can make them feel bad about anything.
In this lockdown, it is common for you and your partner to be locked in the same house for a longer period of time. Let us tell you how to improve your relationship in such a difficult time.
Sort things out wisely
If you are at home all the time, there may be some issues and minor disagreements. At such times, you need to understand that just like you are irritated or locked in the house, so is your partner. So, talk peacefully because you have both of you to care for each other. It is not a good idea to live in a house with anger & negativity.

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Understand yourself –
If you are at home for a long time with minimal contact of the outside world, things start going downhill. Therefore, when you feel excited or irritable, do not put it on your partner. Try to understand yourself what is happening to you and take space if needed and solve things.
Entertainment through a Date Night –
Post lockdown, you do not have to fight with each other at home, so you should cherish this time and fill it with entertainment. This reduces the chances of fighting. You can prepare tasty and delicious food for your partner and make it a date night. When you do this, both of you will be reminiscent of your old days and the time that slipped away; but you will be able to spend time together now.

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Take care of each other’s choices Since you are two different people, some situations may put you in a dilemma which lead to misunderstandings or quarrels. Things like watching a movie or playing a game. You may like one, your partner the other. So both of you have to be considerate and take care of each other’s choices.
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