Here is Why Friendship Necessary Before Marriage, Read to Find Out !

We meet many people in the world and we become good friends with them, but it’s not necessary to fall in love with them. Although, it is important to be a true and good friend of your lover.
Love and friendship are two such relationships whose bonding is the strongest. Also, the speciality of these relationships is that you have the complete freedom to choose them. We meet many people in the world and we become good friends with them, but it is not necessary that they are also our lovers.
Although no rules are applicable in love, some things need to be taken care of. Faith, truth and respect are required to maintain the relationship of love. These three things make the relationship strong.
If you want to marry your partner or want to commit to the relationship, then it is very important to have friendship as well as love between the two of you. Now let us tell you why friendship is important before relationship.
Love binds two people in a relationship, but it is strengthened by friendship. In fact, most people in love are completely surrounded by security but if the partners are already good friends, then there is a sense of security in the relationship itself. In such a situation, you know both the good and bad sides of your partner. Also, both people accept them without being judgmental to each other.
Fun and jokes in relationships –
Only having love in a relationship is not enough. Every woman/man wants to laugh openly and have fun with her/his partner, and this happens only if they are already good friends. Be sure to include all these things in your relationship, friendship, fun.

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Be able to do all the things freely –
The specialty of a friendship turned relationship is also that a person talks about every good and bad thing in his/her heart openly to his friend. Let us tell you that even though partners in loving relationships hesitate to share everything, it does not happen in relationships that started off as friendships. So try to be friends first and you will notice that you can talk freely. Do not keep any hesitation in mind for your partner.
Chance to explore –
If both partners have been each others good friends before getting into a relationship, then not only do they get a chance to explore themselves but also their relationship. There are many things that people have in mind, but they need a partner to do it. These include moving from new places to adventure sports or activities. If your partner is your good friend, then all your wishes can be fulfilled.

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